The Tenderness Junction

Second edition of The Tenderness Junction

February 18, 2020 audio

the cure// play for today// staring at the sea: the singles

sonic youth// schizophrenia// sister sister

fredrick lonberg-holm// morton gets the urge// V.A. Alphabetical Uploads of Whacked Out Singles

::set break::

yma sumac// monos//

y pants// beautiful food

joan armatrading// rosie// track record

stew and the negro problem// submarine down// post minstrel syndrome

bow roethke// crossing lines// what was a scare

cynthia nelson band// i am a great and mellow leader// out of the cave

scott walker// manhattan// tilt

::set break::

artifact shore// busted up

kaoru hirose// dah-may-yoo

homelite gravely//the specific ambiguities of infinitesimal abyss (tattered sympatheque)

kiki smith// life wants to live// tellus #2

isadore isou// rituel somptueux pour la selection des especes

::set break::

doreau andreas & die marinas// fred vom jupiter

ruth// mots

ceferino nieto// el pajaro zum zum

sonny rollins// east broadway rundown

etheridge knight// belly song

::set break::

maximum joy// silent street/silent dub

guillermo e. brown// there’s a way home// black dreams 1.0

theesatisfaction// nature’s candy// earthee

nite jewel// artificial intelligence// good evening

Debut Edition of the Tenderness Junction on WGXC 90.7FM Acra-Catskill-Hudson

February 4, 2020 audio

ariel pink’s haunted graffiti//round & round//before today

madonna//live to tell

j. dilla//my victory//rebirth of detroit instrumentals

catherine wagner//[some exercises from her reading at Xavier in Cincinnati on 4/15/2010]

mary j. blige//sweet thing//what’s the 411?

nina simone//turn! turn! turn! (to everything there is a season)//to love somebody

jayne cortez//solo 1970//celebrations and solitudes

shocking blue//love buzz

protomartyr//night-blooming cereus//relatives in descent

cecilia vicuña//when this language disappeared


forever house//freak show//wasteress

the slits//fm//cut

salt n pepa//expression//blacks’ magic

vulpess//me gusta ser una zorra//a reference of female-fronted punk rock: 1977-89

beth anderson//i can’t stand it//peachy keen-o

taraf de haïdouks//the return of the magic horses//band of gypsies

anthony braxton w/ muhal richard abrams//maple leaf rag//

lotte lenya//alabama song

joan baez//cucurrucucu paloma

grace jones//slave to the rhythm

chico mann//esta bueno//magical thinking

the cure//play for today//