The Tenderness Junction


Flarf vs. Conceptual–The Whitney–April 17, 2009 Unica Zurn: Dark Spring–The Drawing Center–April 18, 2009 On Certainty–Bose Pacia Gallery–April 18, 2009 The Neuroscience and the Language of Certainty–Bose Pacia Gallery–April 18, 2009 Barrio Chino–April 18, 2009 Sputnik–April 18, 2009 Merce Cunningham & Sonic Youth: Nearly Ninety–BAM–April 19, 2009

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4.11.09 dreamt I told Lyn Hejinian about doing radio, told her it was “freeform” and that she’d certainly know about that, really emphasizing the word “form” b/c I finally understood something about it and we could relate on that level, on the level of form. 4.13.09 dreamt Brian Whitener was a woman and that we […]

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the new well-tempered sepulchre

More than just a birthmark–it’s a maladjustment piggy of a toucan. Theodora, my beloved–my only soporific–swelter me into bedroom. I have this small scan of a tortilla to play–a cacophony of everything that could possibly go wrong. The Grim Reassessment–that cosy gadabout–was cutting capsicums in the vexation while a daffy downturn quaffed her Darjeeling and […]

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Pablo Neruda’s “Walking Around” from memory: It happens that I’m tired of being a man. The smell of barber shops makes me sob out loud. It would be delicious to knock a nun stone dead with one blow of an ear, a cut lily. Something about underwear on the clothesline, teeth in a coffee maker. […]

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