St. Rocco’s Reading for the Dispossessed, March 21, 2020, with erica kaufman and Cat Tyc, Urban Aftermath, Albany, NY


Unnameable Books, December 5, 2019, with Lewis Freedman and Zack Pieper

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, September 22, 2019, for Melanie Janisse-Barlow’s book release with Lynn Crawford and Leto Rankine

The Home School @ Time & Space Limited, August 1, 2019, with Chia-Lun Chang and Cat Tyc

Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop, April 18, 2018, Vegetarian Alcoholic Press Presents! with Melissa Hohl and Denise Jarrott

Crush Reading Series #4, April 21, 2018, Woodbine, 1882 Woodbine St., New York, NY

Greetings Readings, May 10, 2018, Unnameable Books

Woodland Pattern with Roberto Harrison, February 23, 2018

The Poetry Project with Diana Arterian, February 21, 2018