march 17, 2020 audio link

BFC// chicken noodle soup// elements 1989-1990

robert hood// the wheel// motor: nighttime world 3

tyrone williams// incant [2x]// [from pennsound]

the bullitts// close your eyes

::set break::

robert duncan// often i am permitted to return to a meadow [2x]// poetry speaks

pm dawn// set adrift on memory bliss

blood orange// i wanna c u AND something to do// angel’s pulse

mariah carey// we belong together

::set break::

tyrone williams// ‘ [grave]// [from pennsound]

aaliyah// at your best you are love// age ain’t nothin but a number

teengirl fantasy// love don’t live here// hollywood hills ep

3 teens kill 4// circumscript// not motive

jayne cortez// essence of rose solitude// celebrations and solitudes

::set break::

beverly glenn-copeland// slow dance// keyboard fantasies

terry riley & don cherry// descending moonshine dervishes// live in köln (feb 23, 1975)

::set break::

shells// new era// in a cloud

the red krayola// T (I, II)// amor and language

brian eno// here come the warm jets// here come the warm jets

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