Raven Row, 56 Artillery Lane, London, E1 7LS

Pictures of Ultra-red’s “School of Echoes”: big pieces of paper on the wall where participants wrote their ideas, concerns, fears, questions, desires for art-making, thinking, and political activism: several pairs of headphones to listen to the sounds of areas in London that would be built on, gentrified, changed in ways that concerned the people that had lived there for a long time, sounds of a market that people had successfully saved from deconstruction/ reconstruction: a lot of space to walk back and forth between the writing and the table where some of the writing had happened: enough substance to consider to keep someone there for a while: a generous mess: less like objects of which I should consider their force and more like standing in a room with lots of interesting conversations: pleased to be  in a place with so much thoughtful chatter and chatter is not to be dimunitive but more like where it comes from: Etymology: Middle English chatteren, of imitative origin

Raven Row "School of Echoes"

[some transcriptions of the pictures]


Being in London–But work in Barcelona: opening a social centre (self-organisation for precarious migrants). Reinvent social organization–comes thru action, study, demonstration

1) Move from precarious as weakness to fragility

2) Performative sense of doing politics–to make reality be like discourse . . .


lot of sound

lot of noise

sound came in waves (a lot at . . . same time, and then it got silent again)











I did not hear the market






myself chewing my g . . .

exceptional silence in

asking for help






Disability is disconnected from other movements

If my life had gone in a diff. direction–I may have been an artist

Is that what I’m here to do?

I am doing it.

Swansee–Centre for inde. living

past work around dialog in new situations

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